Geographical Research Course of the Yellowstone Ecosystem in US

Geographical Research Course of the Yellowstone Ecosystem in US

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the best natural labs in the world to observe ecology and geology and it’s also an important base to conduct world ecological protection research. The study tour has organized geography, biology, history and English together, aiming to stage different perspectives of the west coast of America and the landscape of Rocky Mountain to teenagers who participate in. Moreover, the tour desires to help students to understand and to get to know the geological landform of the Yellowstone National Park, the river hydrology, biological succession and other natural phenomenon. Therefore, the tour could help students to understand better of American culture by learning language and history and let each student to recognize the beauty of nature and the fun of the trip.




Day 1         From Beijing to Los Angeles

Day 2         To get to know the entertainment culture of America

Visit Universal Studios of Hollywood

Day 3         Visit Salt Lake City

Day 4         Visit University of Utah and join the scientific research training in the morning

Visit Jackson near the Yellowstone National Park and drive north to the Great Salt Lake

Day 5—7      Conduct a 3-day tour at the Yellowstone National Park for geological observation and biodiversity

Day 8         Drive back to Salt Lake City and enjoy the view along the way

Day 9         Visit Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 10        Visit Grand Canyon from Saint George

Day 11        Visit Grand Canyon Colorado

Day 12        Visit Hoover Dam

Day 13        Visit Las Vegas

Visit California Institute of Technology

Day 14        Visit California Science and Technology Center in the morning

Visit Getty Center in the afternoon

Day 15        Fly back to Beijing


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