A Love for Separation, to Be A Better Self : study in America in winter holiday

A Love for Separation, to Be A Better Self : study in America in winter holiday


Highlight of Schedule

Part 1

The school involved locates in Los Angeles’ high-class school district, and it covers elementary school, junior high school and senior high school. Then based on students’ English level and age difference, students will be allocated into suitable classes. Later, they will attend classes with American peers to learn main subjects courses, to join P.E. activities and to develop hobbies.


Part 2

School will allocate one on one buddy for students. Then they will pay much attention to new comers and help students to join the local campus life as soon as possible.


Part 3

Typical American class style and it will focus on the initiatives of students, encourage them to practice, to think actively, to innovate and to learn on their own. Then the courses will follow the modern teaching plan which includes math, literature, writing, reading, society, art, music, P.E. and so on.


Part 4

Most host families in United States belong to middle class, and each qualified host family has been through thoroughly background investigation and carefully selection. Near school and the host family, there are stadium, library, amusement park, theme park and other diverse entertainment facilities. On weekends, student can go out with host families to have fun so as to deeply experience the local culture.


Part 5

To visit famous cities and to see the natural wonders along the west and east coast lines. To experience the authentic American culture in person so as to increase the understanding of cultural difference.


Part 6

Visit the top universities and colleges in America and wander in local campuses to experience its positive atmosphere.


About Study : excellent school district & excellent schools

Edison Elementary School (EES)

EES is a key elementary school and junior high school in Ontario-Montclair district of California. It offers education from kindergarten to 8th grade. Almost 90% of students are white people and Latin American. The security nearby is good, surroundings are beautiful and the facilities in school are complete. This is an excellent school in California. The international chess competition is one of the school’s features and it performs good among the nation. Often, there are exchange activities among schools in America.


San Jose Charter Academy

San Jose Charter Academy is one of the best schools in OMSD which offers education from kindergarten to 8th grade. It is famous for rigorous learning atmosphere. Students here often study 7.5 hours a day, besides the core courses based on research, students still get P.E., art and music lessons. Cooperation between teachers and students is the important part of its features. And the most featured course of the school is “ Leader in Me”. San Jose Charter Academy got the honor of Blue Ribbon in 2016 based on its outstanding performance in the field of campus life.


Chino Hills High School

Chino Hills High School (CHHS) is a comprehensive public high school in America. It pays a lot attention in the field of academic, activities, athletics and performing arts to cultivate its students. In 2016, its percussion ensemble became the world champion. The “Dancers’ Dream Team” successfully won 6 countries. For academic area, it has been awarded the Silver Medal in the district. Besides, its senior class has been granted 3,400,000 dollar scholarship. Its academic feature is the diverse AP courses. Most graduates attend top universities in America, such as University of Washington, UC Berkeley, MIT, UCLA and USC etc. Last year, there were many graduates to work in the army.


Weekend Schedule:

Visit Universal Studios Hollywood

Visit Disneyland

Visit Getty Museum

Visit UCLA Santa Monica Beach


Schedule Options:

  1. Three-week’s camp

From Jan.19th to Feb.8th , 2020

  1. Two-week’s camp

From Jan.26th to Feb.8th , 2020


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