Featured Study Tours in America in 2018

Featured Study Tours in America in 2018

Mousai Institute has long been devoted to provide high-quality English courses for international students. And our colorful featured study tours have received sound appraisal by the customers. Besides the basic elements involved in the programs, our tours are guided by experienced teachers and well-trained staffs and you can join other courses as you wish, for instance, go hiking and baseball competition etc. There may be additional fees charged.


Age requirement: 5—17 years old

Students number: more than 10 students

Elements and features involved:

  • experienced American teachers teach students comprhensive English
  • accommodation: friendly homestay or clean dorm
  • school bus picks up students
  • delicious food
  • daily activities (additional fees may charged based on the program details)
  • campus facilities, including computer labs, library and gym center
  • T-shirt, textbooks and graduation certificate
  • farewell party
  • airport pick up


Girl Scouts Camp and Equestrian Camp

The camp aims to train girls to grow up with vision and confidence. Students gather together with local peers to join authentic American activities. Not only can they improve the ability to cooperate, but also to challenge themselves to lead.


NBA Training Camp and Weekend Leisure Camp

Mousai Institute has been cooperated with coach Rle Nichols for a long time. He is the senior consultant of American National Basketball Association and has been in charge of the team for over half a decade. We have invited him to design a professional training program for teenagers in 2018 and offer an precious opportunity for young boys to experience NBA mode in person.


Create Micro Films

Within three weeks, we will teach students how to make a micro movie. Professors coming from Columbia University, famous director and staffs of technical support, they are all used to involve in Hollywood movie making. Here, students will learn to write short stories and how to use professional cameras.



Hollywood Performing Art Camp

California State University-Fulton can provide you with an ideal campus environment to immerse yourself in art. Here, you can learn with teachers from Hollywood and improve your English ability while communicate with peers from around the globe. By practicing pronunciation, body movement and gesture, you can also get a clear idea of character analysis, impromptu speech and personality improvement.


Surfing Camp

Orange County is a typical surfing city in the world. California State University locates in the north of Orange County, only 25 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. Surfing Camp starts on the Huntington Beach where students can learn techniques of extreme sports.


Computer Science Camp

Get to know the most popular technology and techniques you need in the future, why not design your own game on the phone? How to design a website? This camp will show you different programming language such as Unity, Python, Xcode, Swift etc. Students will be assigned into different classes based on their language ability and age. Each week, there are 18 hours for English training. And there are at most 20 students or less in one class. Taught by professional experienced American teachers, they can acquire English abilities faster and make friends with local peers easier.


The Leadership in LA and Boston

Core Features of the Programs:

Mousai Institute will arrange leadership and cultural experience workshop to students each week. Students will have abundant volunteer opportunities to gain real life experience. In the evening, they will be busy with sports, movies and dancing party etc. During the day time, there are a lot to visit.


University Tour

Mousai Institute will arrange students to visit many elite universities in America. Meanwhile, students will get sound instructions based on college application. According to students’ age and language level, they will be divided into different classes and get trained for English around 18 hours per week. Each class, there will be no more than 20 students. It will be fun to make friends from around the world.


Artistic Tour in New York

New York is the landmark of United States and numerous cultures gather here to shed new lights on the ground. For example, you can see the world-class museums and art elements here. Mousai Institute will take you to feel the nostalgic Brooklyn and to try the modern Manhattan. Moreover, we will ask professional teachers to teach you how to draw and let you experience the joy of painting.


Summer in Boston

Mousai Institute will organize students to visit the heart of Boston. Then based on their age and English ability, students will be divided into different classes. Each week, there will be 18 hours for English classes and there should be less than 20 students per class which will guarantee the quality of the course. Teachers will pay more attention to each student. And there are a lot more to visit during day time.



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