Summer Study in Italy in 2019

Summer Study in Italy in 2019


The journey is long and we leave our laughter on the road. Please experience beauty in art and learn in diverse culture. Let’s be more open-minded and fly to Rome and Florence to admire the legendary art work.


Duration of the program: 15 days

Highlight of the program:

  1. Experiential activities: to make chocolate, to live in homestay, and to make pizza
  2. Visit museums: Roman Academy of Fine Arts, Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Vatican Museum, Uffizi Gallery, the Grand Theater of Miranska
  3. Get to know more about Renaissance:

Visit Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Pitti



Day 1       Fly to Rome from Beijing

Day 2       Visit Vatican Museum in the morning

Visit Plaza of Espana, Spanish Steps, and Make-a-wish Fountain in the afternoon

Day 3       Visit Colosseo in downtown Rome in the morning

Visit Roman Academy of Fine Arts and communicate with local teachers in the afternoon

Day 4       Visit Perugia in the morning

Visit the chocolate-making factory and learn to make your own chocolate in the afternoon

Day 5       Drive to Florence in the morning

Visit Piazza dil Duomo, the Monarch Square and Palazzo Pitti in the afternoon

Day 6       Professor from Florence Academy of Fine Arts to teach students drawing in the morning

Visit Uffizi Gallery in the afternoon

Featured food experience in the evening

Day 7       Professor from Florence Academy of Fine Arts to teach students drawing in the morning

Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Day 8       Visit the heart of Florence in the morning, such as Piazza dil Duomo, Monarch Square, Ponte Vecchio and so on.

Visit Chichina where the Italian Gemini Art High School lies

Day 9       Communicate with local Italian students and try Italian P.E class in the morning

Come to homestay to experience the local culture


Day 10-11   Live in homestay to get to know the Italian culture

Day 12     Drive to Milan and admire the scenery along the way in the moring

Visit the famous Milan Cathedral in the afternoon

Day 13     Visit Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan in the moring

Learn to cook pizza in the afternoon

Day 14     Deal with tax refund and fly back to Beijing

Day 15     Arrive at Beijing


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