To Have A Glimpse of Malta – English Studies Tour

To Have A Glimpse of Malta – English Studies Tour


Duration for the camp : 10 days

Campsite : Malta and France

Age requirement : 8 to 15 years old


Malta possesses a rich history which is more than 7000 years. When wandering along the streets of Malta, you can see many grand churches with stories standing by. The blue ocean is breath-taking and you can understand why it is called as the heart of Mediterranean Sea at the moment you stand in front of it. Moreover, Malta has become a famous holiday resort which supports its nation’s economy. After many years colonial rule by other countries, Malta has mixed different cultures, art forms, religions and architectures together, thus has successfully developed its own style.


In past 20 years, there have been 242 movies shot here, such as Troy, The Da Vince Code, The End of War, and Game of Thrones etc. Malta has been ruled by UK for 160 years and considering its unique natural scenery, it will be delightful learn English there.


At the beginning of the courses, students should take exams to classify them into different levels of classes. Based on the test results, we will put them into 3 different levels and each level has its unique QES textbook. If necessary, there will be slight adjustment about the classification.


Course Unit: basic tools of QSE textbooks and interesting activities

Evening Activities: P.E. and entertainment




Day 1

Arrive at Malta, take parents and students to host family, beach fun and party



Classic English classes

Comino Island’s Blue Lake



Classic English classes

Stroll along the Buchiba Square and bay



Classic English classes

Sliema—Sleepless coast



Classic English classes

Sao Paulo Bay City

Ship around the harbor



Classic English classes

Visit Kavala

Completion Ceremony and Farewell Banquet



Leave Malta and head to Paris



In-depth visit Paris



In-depth visit Paris and come back to China



Arrive in China


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