Finally It Comes! America-China Summer Camp in 2016

Finally It Comes! America-China Summer Camp in 2016

  • Step into American classroom to experience authentic American teaching methods. Live with local host family and deeply get an idea of true American life.
  • Show your talents and listen to the classics.

During the two-day art festival in America, students will perform on stage to show their musical talents and closely interact with world-class artists.

  • The cultural tour along east and west coast of America

Visit famous natural attractions and feel American culture

  • Visit top universities and colleges in America

For instance, Harvard University, MIT, Yale University and so on

Visit another two middle schools in States so as to make clearer plan for future

  • Join local American summer camp

The summer camp is usually the best way for teenagers to embrace nature and the most effective way to learn while they see. All these will benefit their mental health for sure. Mousai summer camp will take students to experience authentic American school life and let them learn native American English naturally, learn to care for others, build confidence while overcome difficulties, acquire team-working awareness and improve independent life skills constantly. This summer, there are five summer camps available. They are outdoor life camp, STEM scientific camp, army and navy camp, space-exploring camp and water-playing camp for you to choose from.

  • There are special featured visiting schedule for parents as well. The tour could satisfy their desire to admire the beautiful scenery and to go shopping at the same time. We will also introduce information about immigration and house buying issue, etc.
  • Foreign teachers will always be there to help. There will be a Chinese assistant to help solve some problems. After one-month’s immersion in English, your kids’ English will improve dramatically.


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