America International Arts Festival in 2018

America International Arts Festival in 2018


Theme of the activity:

Spread the Chinese and American culture;

Accelerate and develop the cooperation between China and America;

Cultivate new artists based on the previous wisdom;

Enhance the friendship between two nations;

Let the performers and artists enjoy the show.


Main contents of the activity:

Special concerts: the opening ceremony concert and charity concert

International master courses: comprehensive courses about music development, instrumental music lessons, vocal music lessons, piano lessons and music theory lessons.

International competition: instrumental competition, vocal music competition, singing competition, keyboard competition and dance competition. There will be certificate awarded.

International volunteers and there will be certificate awarded

Study abroad guidance and consulting


Highlights of the activity:

Cooperate with numerous musical institutions in west coast of America

Compete with American peers on same stage

Have opportunity to join the opening ceremony concert (apply in advance)

Can apply for personal or group concert or show

Charity concert

Award certificates such as international competition certificate, international master’s courses certificate, charity certificate, international volunteer certificate and art and cultural ambassador certificate.

Have opportunity to exchange ideas and cooperate with local American art institutions

Join the local featured art appreciation workshop

Have professional staffs explaining the essence of American art

Experience the beauty of the west coast of America

Enjoy the study abroad guidance

Main stream media report

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