Idaho International Dancing Art Festival

Idaho International Dancing Art Festival


Idaho International Dancing Art Festival is one of the six art festivals in America. It is a celebration for international culture, dancing and music. So far, it has been hold 32 times. Each year, the art festival committee will invite professional and amateur dancers and artists around the world to gather together. So a feast of art will be ready. Idaho International Dancing Art Festival is a must-attend fair for people of north-west area in America. The art festival has been regarded as one of the five national festivals of US.

This art festival used to be a long-term cooperation program with Chinese Literary Federation. Since 2007, America-China Culture & Art Communication Association has become the sole partner which on behalf of China to join the festival.


Schedule of 2019: 15 days

Day 1    Fly to Los Angeles from Beijing, then fly to Salt Lake City, Utah

Day 2    Visit Utah, House of Parliament, Governor’s Office, Temple Square, then go to art festival and see the beautiful                          scenery of western America in the morning.

Visit air force base in the afternoon

Arrive at Rixburge where the international art festival hosted in the evening.

Day 3    American Family Day; Visit the malls and go shopping

Day 4    Rehearse for the festival’s opening ceremony in the morning

Parade for the art festival in the afternoon

Opening ceremony for the festival

Day 5    Rehearse for the art festival in the morning

Charity activity in the afternoon

Party at water park in the evening

Day 6    Chinese representatives’ show in the morning

Shows of all countries in the afternoon

Day 7    English classes and move to Idaho State University to practice in the morning

Cultural Exchange Activities with Idaho State University’s students in the afternoon

Officially start the show in the evening

Day 8    English classes and visit Brigham Young University during day time

Continue the show of art festival in the evening

Day 9    The closing ceremony of the art festival

Day 10   Visit Yellowstone National Park, fountains and Yellowstone Grand Canyon etc.

Day 11   Farewell to the art festival and host family

Visit Salt Lake City and have lunch

Go shopping in the mall

Day 12   Visit Las Vegas, the fountains etc,

Day 13   Visit Los Angeles, UCLA, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Oscar Academy Awards Theater

Day 14   Go to Los Angeles international airport and fly back to Beijing

Day 15   Arrive at Beijing and end this pleasant trip


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