Graduate Master Application

Graduate Master Application

Grad schools in America are well-known for their high-level academic records and rigorous enrollment standards. Many people often think that getting enrolled in the US grad school must be very hard, however, it’s not always the case. In America, grad school education is quite common and in some research-based universities, the amount of grad school students and the number of undergraduate students are equal. Because of the massive reading tasks and the occasionalquizzes and assignments, students can never ignore the workload of the heavy school work.


Due to the expensive tuition, many students have to work as research assistants or teaching assistants to earn money. These two areas are major aspects of the grad school studies. Students need to read a lot and write paper as well as to help professor with projects and correct assignments. Many students are busy as bees so that they have to live in the office and labs. In America, the training objectives of master and doctor are quite different. As for the masters, they tend to focus more on the high-level applied intelligence. On the other hand, the doctors intend to train students to be professional scientific research talents. In US, it will take students one to three years to achieve master degree, and the titles of the degree vary based on the major they have chosen. There are Master of Arts, Master of Science, MBA and Master of Fine Arts, etc. So on what condition can you study in America? And how about the fees they charge and the job perspectives?


In order to apply for the U.S grad school, many students need to take GRE test, students for Business School need to take GMAT test and students target to Law School need to take LAST. What’s more, international students also need to take TOFLE test or IELTS. Of course, there are schools offering conditional offer without the demands for language ability. To successfully get in the grad school, students should pay more attention to the overall ability, the letters of recommendation, personal statement, CV and paper. The significance of the assigned paper could weigh more than the grades. Whole together, these consist of one third of the overall application process.

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