Community College Application

Community College Application


In many students and parents’ perspectives, the community colleges are often mistakenly viewed as China’s junior colleges. While in fact, as US’ two-year public colleges, students can finish the first two-year studies here then transfer to four-year universities. Generally speaking, after fulfilling another two-year course, students can get Bachelor degrees.

Community Colleges are public in America and they possess diverse teaching objectives, for instance, students can finish high school courses and get certificate for jobs or get Associate’s Degree and so on. Of course, for most overseas students, the advantage of the community colleges is students can finish the General Education then transfer to the four-year universities to finish the major courses. Eventually, they can get Bachelor’s Degrees. Statistics have shown that there are almost 1132 community colleges in US, among them 986 are public and 115 are private. There are 31 community colleges are tribe-related. Nearly half of the college students attend community colleges.

The Community Colleges have dotted among the US and each state has established sound community college system. However, the development of the community colleges is not balanced within US just like the situation of universities. Most of them gather together in east and west coast of America, and some of them flourish around the five-lake area. This phenomenon is consistent with the distribution of American population which sufficiently reflects their characteristics. Many community colleges not only offer excellent courses but also have agreements with fancy universities to transfer credits. Besides, many native American students firstly get enrolled in community college for certain credits and later apply for the Ivy Leagues. As for international students, most community colleges offer ESL courses to help them improve English ability. Some schools are off-campus, so students can commute everyday between college and home-stay which will assist them better adapt into the local culture.

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