Exchange Program

Exchange Program


American public high school exchange program is assigned officially by the State Council of U.S., it can also be called as AYP (Academic Year Program). This program originated after the end of World War II and has been very popular among high school students. AYP aims to provide opportunities for high school students to communicate with foreign peer worldwide and to strength the understanding among the youth of different nations. Moreover, the program also dedicates to enhance the cultural exchange and academic communication. Up to now, AYP has left its footstep in Europe, Korea, Japan, Singapore and many other countries for over 60 years. Each year, there are more than 10,000 high school students with J-1 visa to come to America for one-year study. During their stay in United States, the students can get enrolled in local public high school and live in home-stay which could be of great help to understand American culture, education and life itself.

The Meaning of the American High School Exchange Program

* To improve English ability

Students can immerse in an English-speaking environment thus their English ability which includes listening, speaking, reading and writing will improve a lot. After living in an immersive environment for a whole year, most students can communicate fluently and effectively in English. Besides, with the help from teachers, classmates and host families, the students will do much better in almost every area of life.

* To cultivate the comprehensive quality

America is a multi-culture country and you will be able to see different nations here. By getting to know varied cultures, students will gradually be open to new ideas and can value issues in different perspectives. When exchange opinions with peer students from other countries, the exchange students will have endless new discoveries and these discoveries will in turn to help students better understand their own culture. By doing this, students can learn to get along well with people from different backgrounds, then to become more independent and mature. Therefore, these teenagers will turn to be wiser and more confident as they learn from failure and setbacks.

* To adapt to overseas study life in advance

Nowadays, the competition of modern society has getting more fierce and more people has turned their eyes to study abroad. But how to improve the quality of studying overseas and to get enrolled into top universities have become the concerns for most parents. By joining the exchange student program, students can not only acquire knowledge, but also experience authentic American learning methods. More importantly, students can get used to American lifestyle in advance and their English will improve greatly at the same time. So the original intention of the exchange program is to assist students to get in the elite universities.


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