Secondary School Application

Secondary School Application


It has become popular to study overseas and the number of students to study in America has increased rapidly in recent years. The junior high school students do enjoy some advantages over other age groups. What are the requirements for these junior high?


* The ability to learn and to apply

The western world’s education highly values the ability to learn by oneself. Compared with traditional Chinese teaching methods and learning models, high school students who study overseas need to improve self-learning capabilities. In US, the local public high schools are not enroll international students. Therefore, students have to attend the private ones. And it has long been known that the famous private high schools in America are very strict with their students. Generally speaking, in order to apply for the US high schools, you need to provide TOEFL test result or the score of TOEFL Junior. Some high schools also request the score of SSAT.

* Letters of Recommendation

When applying for high school, they often request two to three letters of recommendation. Generally speaking, the letters from English and Math teachers are must. Besides these two teachers, you can choose other teacher to write and it’s better to show off your merits or strength.

* Extracurricular activities

Americans are very fond of sports, so parents are always encouraging kids to take part in at least one sport. While the high school recruiting students, they sometimes value the dedication of students who shed towards sports and how much time they spend on it each week. Thus we suggest parents to encourage your kids join some sports teams, such as basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, baseball etc.

* The ability to deal with stress

When studying abroad and faced with brand-new living environment, students must encounter the cultural shock and inadaptation to some extent. Some of them suffer from pressure. Education experts advice that students should prepare more in China, improve the ability to endure, take part in more social activities and broaden the horizons at meantime. In American campuses, it’s more open than in China and it can be a test for students’ character. A brighter personality can be more helpful for the unknown challenges.


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