Summer School & Tour in California, USA, in 2019

Summer School & Tour in California, USA, in 2019


Organization in America: Mousai Institute

Mousai Institute was established in California, USA. It has dedicated to promote the communication between Chinese and American culture, art and education. By arranging teenagers of two nations to take part in the international art festival, winter/summer camps, and organizing them to join some academic activities plus public benefit activities, Mousai Institute has offered a platform for teenagers to exchange ideas, to help each other, to devote to the society and to share the wisdom of success. Based on the authentic Chinese culture, Mousai has been actively to unite two nations and to accelerate cultural infiltration.


Organization in mainland China: Beijing Butterfly Culture & Communication Ltd. Company

Beijing Butterfly Culture & Communication Ltd. Company has dedicated to the cultural exchange between China and America, course training and educational consulting. As the subsidiary corporation of Mousai Institute in California, the company has turned into a bridge to connect two nations’ students and allow them to learn from each other, to visit each other and to have faith in each other based on the excellent educational resources in California. Therefore, the company has made it possible for teachers to improve their career path by providing them with modern teaching methods and course content.


Features of the Program

  1. Schools involved are excellent public or private schools in California. For each class, there will be 2 to 3 Chinese students. Thus allow them to immerse in English environment and then to let them benefit from the essence of elite American education.
  2. After class, there will be colorful extracurricular activities for students to choose from, for instance swimming, tennis, basketball, soccer and dancing etc. Students can choose one to two classes to attend based on their hobbies and can learn from each other by exchanging views with local friends.
  3. There will be one on one American friend for each Chinese student. They will take part in practice activities together, communicate often and harvest friendship across the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Visit famous historical sites and natural wonders along east and west coast lines in America. To experience the political culture of America in person and to get to know the local traditions. Therefore, to increase the tolerant for two different cultures.
  5. Visit top universities and colleges of America. Wander in the campuses to feel its freedom and vitality. To set up goals for the future when they are young.


Schedule During the Week

7:00 am : get up

7:30-8:00am: breakfast

9:00-12:00: attend classes

12:00-13:00: lunch at school

13:00-16:00: attend classes or join practice activities

16:00-16:30: eat food

16:30-18:00: outdoor activities

19:00: dinner (Chinese style or western flavor)

19:30-21:00: study by themselves

21:00-21:30: gargle, wash face

21:30: go to bed


Brief Introduction of the Tour Schedule


7.14                                  Fly to Los Angeles

Week 1         7.15—7.19                       Go to school for classes

7.14—7.21      7.20          Go to Lego Land of California

7.21                                  Visit Science and Technology Center of California

Week 2         7.22—7.26                       Go to school for classes

7.21—7.27      7.27          Go to Disneyland for fun

7.28          Visit the famous Getty Center

Week 3         7.29—8.2                         Go to school for classes

7.28—8.3        8.3            Go to Universal Studio for fun

8.4                                    Visit UCLA and Santa Monica Beach

Week 4         8.5-8.9                             Go to school for classes

8.4—8.10        8.10          Fly back to China


Travel Schedule of Week 4 (8.4 8.10)

8.4    Fly to Boston

8.5    Visit Harvard University in the morning

Visit MIT in the afternoon

8.6    Drive to New York

Visit Yale University

8.7    Visit Wall Street

Visit Fifth Avenue

Visit the Statue of Liberty

8.8    Drive to Philadelphia

Visit Princeton University

Visit Independence Palace and Liberty Bell

8.9    Drive to Washington

Visit the White House and Capitol

Visit Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial

Visit National Air and Space Museum and National Museum of Natural History

8.10   Fly back to China



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