About Us

Mousai Institute is a cultural and educational institution established in California, USA. Since its establishment, it has whole heartedly devoted to the promotion and communication in the field of Chinese and American culture, art and education. The institution often organizes international art festivals and featured summer/winter camps so as to promote the friendship between the two nations. All the endeavor has paved the way for the teenagers from China and United States to communicate more effectively and to better understand different culture. More importantly, it has turned into a bridge to connect two countries and has brought more opportunities for the youth to have a talk with international peers. As for the students’ career planning, Mousai Institute has laid the foundation to cultivate them into confident men with mission in heart.

Our Mission: to bring China to the world and to invite the world to China

Our Vision: to cultivate global citizens

Our Value: to educate people, to nourish their hearts

Our Management: Principles: safety, quality, responsibility

Our Service Programs:

  1. To provide excellent comprehensive practice curriculums and research courses for Chinese and American teenagers.
  2. To organize teenagers of China and America to attend featured winter/summer camps, and let them to study at local excellent schools for 2 to 4 weeks.
  3. To organize Chinese youth to join the exchange students program so as to let them study in America for a year.
  4. To offer professional and personalized consultation services and application services for all ages who want to study abroad.
  5. To establish cooperation middle schools and elementary schools for China, and to visit them on the regular basis.
  6. To organize Chinese teachers to get trained in U.S. and to invite professional American experts to come to China.
  7. To organize international art competitions and communication.